Applecross drone school flying into the future

November 2nd, 2016, 01:00AM Written by Josh Zimmerman Melville Times


MAHMOOOD Hussein believes drones are poised to revolutionise the meaning of fly-in, fly-out work.

Mr Hussein owns Global Drone Solutions in Applecross, a training provider helping to unlock a multitude of career paths that did not exist just five years ago.

“There are a number of industries where drones are really starting to gain traction,” he said.

“Mines and asset inspection companies were among the first to see the potential for drone footage to reduce costs and improve safety but there are now more than 150 different business applications and that number is growing every day.”

From farmers inspecting their crops to wedding videographers chasing panoramic aerial shots, drones are becoming more commonplace; and qualified drone pilots are increasingly difficult to find.

Global Drone Solutions is one of just two approved drone pilot training schools in WA and Mr Hussein said demand for the five-day course was growing.

“The course is approved by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) and you end up with three certifications: a drone pilot’s licence, radio operator’s licence and an English proficiency certificate,” Mr Hussein said.

“Having the two licences allows you to work in any controlled airspace with permission and they are a pre-requisite to getting insurance.

“Global Drone Solutions’ key point of difference is that we provide training on how to establish a drone business.

“Some of the people we have coming to us are already employed by mining or asset inspection companies but we also have many who have realised that they can launch an entire new career with a five-day training course.”

The original article appeared in the Melville Times 2 November 2016.

 - 07/11/2016

Stunning sunset video taken from drone

Photos of the sun setting over water are always beautiful. This stunning birds-eye view video was taken from a drone capturing the sunset over the Indian Ocean at Perth, Western Australia. It is easy to imagine flying like a bird into the setting sun and checking out the coastline n all its glory.

Drones have taken photography to another level, allowing the photographer to access the best vantage point and being infinitely mobile at the same time. Previously an aerial shoot could only be done from a helicopter or small plane, both of which were costly and had safety implications.   Now professional photographers are realising the benefits a drone adds to their business and to their clients satisfaction.

Jeremy Bowes used a DJI Mavic to capture this footage.

 - 04/11/2016

Wedding-photographers taking to the skies

Wedding-photography by drones

Wedding-photographers taking to the skies

The best wedding-photographers are taking to the skies to capture interesting, creative and unique memories.

Whether flying high in the sky to capture the happy couple surrounded by guests forming a heart shape; or a low fly-by capturing video of the bridal limo wind its way to the church or reception, nothing can beat drone photography for making a wedding day even more memorable.

Global Drone Solutions train professional drone pilots to have the skill and credibility to be the photographer that every wedding party wants.

See how you can take your photography to another level!

 - 03/11/2016

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