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Drone pilot training school Perth

Global Drone Solutions CEO Mahmood Hussein

by James Ward, Startup Daily

It is bewildering that the average Australian can now purchase drones, a technology that was once only available in stealth military operations, simply by strolling down to their local JB HI FI.

Thanks to their commercial availability, the technology has become an increasingly popular choice for businesses to innovate new ways to offer a service (I’m looking at you, Domino’s pizza delivery drone.

For businesses, however, earning accreditation under Australia’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) regulations to actually fly a drone can be a headache, and even then it doesn’t guarantee that you’ll know how to effectively pilot the technology or apply it to your business.

Training existing and upcoming businesses with the knowledge to fly drones and apply them to their work is Perth drone training startup Global Drone Solutions.

Launched by Mahmood Hussein, former CEO of automotive distributor Turbotech, the CASA-approved startup has been training employees from small to large businesses to become drone pilots.

 - 21/12/2016

More happy professional drone pilots graduate

Another class of successful and happy students recently graduated as professional drone pilots from Global Drone Solutions training school. All these students passed the RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems) course and are now fully CASA accredited and licenced drone pilots.

Each of the students come from varying backgrounds and intend using their skills in a range of applications from inspecting remote towers, to gathering imagery for computer aided design drawings, agriculture analysis and for sky-high photography and videography.

Also amongst this class were three students from the United States of America. Not only did they thoroughly enjoy the course, but also the fine Perth weather that allowed them to fly their drones every day.

They join a growing band of overseas students training with Global Drone Solutions for their Remote Pilot’s licence

The northern hemisphere winter severely restricts drone flights due to the lack of visibility and prolonged rainfall.

This also becomes restricting for training as certification includes practical flight.

Global Drones Solutions is the only drone training school in Australia that has practical flying area right outside the training classroom. With its proximity to the Swan River and views to Perth city it is an ideal and picturesque location


Photo credit: John Walker Perth CAD Centre

 - 13/12/2016

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