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Advanced Drone Courses

Global Drone Solutions offers a range of advanced drone courses for experienced drone operators who hold their Remote Pilot Licence (RePL). All advanced drone classroom courses are delivered in-person.

I am an advanced drone user, what courses can I study?

We have a selection of advance courses, please contact us and a member of our friendly team will be in contact to provide course-related information.
Remote Pilot Licence Annual Refresher Fixed Wing Endorsement
Powered Lift Endorsement Powered Lift 7kg-25kg Endorsement
Multi Rotor 7kg-25kg Endorsement Night Visual Line of Sight
Beyond Visual Line of Sight Extended Visual Line of Sight
Remote Piloted Aircraft Photography & Videography Remote Piloted Aircraft Mapping & Surveying
Chief Remote Pilot Certificate III in Aviation
Remote Pilot Licence Manned Aircraft Pilot Endorsement
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