DJI launches new social search and discovery mobile app

DJI, the world’s leading commercial drone manufacturer, Friday launched a new social platform called “DJI+ Discover.”
Users can access DJI+ Discover via an iOS or Android app. The mobile app connects people socially and professionally by enabling drone-pilots and drone enthusiasts to start conversations and meet up while also functioning as a professioDJI Discovernal marketplace for aerial service providers and potential clients. Further, the app is a gateway to the broader DJI community, including an integrated version of the DJI Forum, the DJI online store, SkyPixel, upcoming DJI events and more.
“Drone pilots like to get together to fly, learn from each other and share experiences with like-minded people. In the same way, people want an easy way to find trustworthy professional aerial service providers nearby,” said Paul Guo, Director of E-Commerce at DJI. “DJI+ Discover lets people in the same area connect socially and professionally in a way that will bind the drone community even tighter together.”
The app is easy to use and divided into four sections: Nearby Search, Experience, Store and Forum. Users sign up by registering an email address. Their profile can be linked to an existing DJI account. The app is open to anyone – from those curious about the technology without any previous experience to professional service providers.
The app is currently available in the USA, UK, Germany, Spain and Australia and can be downloaded for free.

 - 14/04/2016

Drone Pilots Federation formed to sanction International Drone Racing

The Drone Pilots Federation, an international organization, announced on 13 April 2016 that they have been formed as a non-profit organization and neutral party to serve as a drone racing sanctioning body and as an educational and advocacy entity to assure the safe and responsible use of drones.
Drone racing, as a sport, at both the recreational and professional levels, is rapidly growing throughout the world and race pilots need to compete with an agreed upon set of rules, regulations, safety and technological standards that are the basis for the creation of the Drone Pilots Federation.
The Drone Pilots Federation will be a sanctioning body for the recently announced 2016 US Drone Racing Championships to be held in New York on Governors Island from Aug. 5 – 7th, and the 2016 World Drone Racing Championships to be held on the island of Oahu, Hawaii, from Oct 20 -22 at Kualoa Ranch, the site where the movie Jurassic Park was filmed.
The races will be live streamed by ESPN3 and following the events will be broadcast as a one hour special on ESPN.

 - 14/04/2016

Red tape cut for remotely piloted aircraft September 2016

CASA media release: Thursday 31st March

Regulatory requirements for an important sector of the booming remotely piloted aircraft industry are being eased.

Commercial operators of very small remotely piloted aircraft will no longer need to obtain a number of regulatory approvals. This includes an operator’s certificate and a remote pilot licence. The move will cut regulatory costs for operators by thousands of dollars, save time and reduce paperwork.

The changes, which take effect in late September 2016, apply to remotely piloted aircraft used in commercial operations weighing less than two kilograms maximum take-off weight.

These operators will simply need to notify the Civil Aviation Safety Authority that they intend to use very small remotely piloted aircraft for commercial flights according to a set of standard operating conditions.

These mandatory conditions include flying only in day visual line of sight, below 120 metres, keeping more than 30 metres away from other people, flying more than 5.5 kilometres from controlled aerodromes and not operating near emergency situations.

The package of changes made to the regulations covering remotely piloted aircraft also permits private landholders to carry out a range of activities on their own land without the need for approvals from CASA.

This includes remotely piloted aircraft up to 25 kilograms in weight where no money is paid for flights.

The amended remotely piloted aircraft regulations take effect from 29 September 2016.

 - 01/04/2016

Game of Drones

Game of Drones

We’re not exactly sure why someone would want to spend dozens of hours building an RC quadcopter only to see it destroyed in an arena of robot death, but that’s what some hobbyists are doing with their drones. In Game of Drones, multi-rotors are outfitted with armoured shells and light weaponry to dismantle their opponents. It’s fight club for flying robots!

 - 02/03/2016

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