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Tips to Take Your Drone Skills to The Next Level

Drone usage often begins as a hobby and slowly develops into a career when your skills begin to develop through careful instruction and Remote Pilot courses. When contemplating the decision to upskill your current drone skills, a number of considerations

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White Flying Drone With Camera

Building a Career as a Drone Pilot

Flying a drone is an exciting, captivating and intriguing activity that has grown in popularity worldwide. But new questions are now being asked, how profitable can flying a drone be as a career? As drones in the commercial sector find

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Mavic 2 Pro Drone - Global Drone Solutions

What is a Drone Licence?

It is often assumed that a drone pilot licence, known as a Remote Pilot Licence or RePL, is a licence that covers all drone, known as a Remote Pilot Aircraft or RPA, activity. In truth, there are various types of

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Drones in the Mining Industry - Global Drone Solutions

Drone Technology – Mining Industry

Drone Technology has continued to diversify the way businesses operate on a daily basis. An array of industries have utilised this technology with the objective of improving productivity, safety and efficiency as well as enhancing their operations. As one of

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Professional Drone Pilot Course - Global Drone Solutions

Changing Career – Remote Drone Pilot

Looking for a job as a remote drone pilot? You have come to the right place. A career in drone aviation unleashes an abundance of job prospects. From marketing-based promotions to safety driven operations, remote drone flying has become a

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Drone Flying at Sunset - Global Drone Solutions

Drone Media – A Soaring Industry

By now almost every household across Australia has heard the term “Drone”. It’s no surprise that drones have been taking the photography and videography world by storm over the last 5 years. Drone footage offers a unique viewpoint, one that

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Drone Pilot Training - Global Drone Solutions

2020 Drone Industry Summit

Wonderful morning at the 2020 Drone Industry Summit! Mind-blowing tech on display, terrific speakers and the beautiful Perth skyline in the background. What a way to start your Wednesday! Thank you to all for joining us, the support was immense!

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Drone Industry Summit - Global Drone Solutions

The big day is almost upon us!

The big day is almost upon us! We’re extremely excited to bring you our inaugural Drone Industry Summit! We can’t wait to get up to Kings Park tomorrow morning and get this show on the road. For those still sitting

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