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Drone operator has all the moves

This awesome ‘USA Dancing with the Stars’ promo video has taken videography to another level using a drone to take seamless footage from all angles and heights.

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Oh, you want a drone job as well!

So you want a drone job …and what is wrong with that?  Well, nothing. Here is a fairly common scenario. Pilot Pete has done the training and has a shiny set of drone wings that will let him take on

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Drone pilots could earn high salaries

Drone pilots could earn high salaries in WA mining, oil and gas industries by Sharon Masige Drone pilots are reportedly earning as much as, or even more than, regular aircraft pilots for operating in northern WA’s mining, oil, and gas sectors.

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Why Being A Drone Pilot Is The Job Of The Future

Training to be a drone pilot can lead to a profitable and secure career. With experts predicting many jobs will be obsolete within the next decade due to the technology revolution, drones — and the demand for drone pilots —

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Top drone photos

There is no doubt that drones can capture extraordinary images. The annual Dronestagram recognises the best drone images from around the world

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