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DJI launches new social search and discovery mobile app

DJI, the world’s leading commercial drone manufacturer, Friday launched a new social platform called “DJI+ Discover.” Users can access DJI+ Discover via an iOS or Android app. The mobile app connects people socially and professionally by enabling drone-pilots and drone

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Red tape cut for remotely piloted aircraft September 2016

CASA media release: Thursday 31st March Regulatory requirements for an important sector of the booming remotely piloted aircraft industry are being eased. Commercial operators of very small remotely piloted aircraft will no longer need to obtain a number of regulatory approvals.

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Game of Drones

Game of Drones We’re not exactly sure why someone would want to spend dozens of hours building an RC quadcopter only to see it destroyed in an arena of robot death, but that’s what some hobbyists are doing with their

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