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Keeping your drone flying street legal – new CASA regulations

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Got a drone?
Want to fly it in Australia?

It’s all about the regulations.

Well you can, but first up you need to make sure you abide by the Civil Aviation Authority’s (CASA) rules to ensure that you, the general public and anyone else in the sky stays safe – and those rules just changed today.

There has been a huge buzz around drones over the last twelve months, they’ve gone from being expensive toys to a standard working tool for a whole host of industries from mining, oil and gas, through real estate and wedding and sports events to name but a few.

This explosion in the take up of drones, both for commercial and private use has spurred CASA to update and clarify the rules around operating drones in Australia. The rules depend on whether you are flying for fun or commercial gain.

Based on this CASA breaks drone flying down into three distinct categories:

Commercial under 2kg
If you’re flying a drone weighing less than two kilograms and will conform to the strict conditions regulated under the Civil Aviation Act, then you can simply notify CASA.

Anyone who wants to operate a commercial drone under 2kg outside the standard operating conditions must have a remote pilot licence (RePL) and operate under a remotely piloted aircraft operator’s certificate (ReOC) as issued through CASA.

Commercial over 2kg
If you are flying for any form of economic gain, you need to have a RePL and operate under a ReOC.

If you are flying for fun and not commercially then the regulations are less restrictive and allow you to fly a drone without needing to be certified, providing you follow the simple safety rules.

Gaining the correct training and Certification
Whether you are a drone novice or aspire to having a career or business in the industry, Global Drone Solutions can take you to the next level.

Global Drone Solutions offers both introductory courses and CASA certified RePL training that will not only teach you how to fly a drone safely and precisely, but will equip you with the necessary knowledge and business skills to enable you to successfully run your own commercial drone operation all while staying on the right side of the law.

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