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Oh, you want a drone job as well!

So you want a drone job …and what is wrong with that?  Well, you want a drone job ?

Here is a fairly common scenario.

Pilot Pete has done the training and has a shiny set of drone wings that will let him take on the skies as an RPA or drone pilot. Excellent, because his Uncle Joe will pay him to photograph the golf course he manages and a friend of a friend wants him to do some real estate photography. Life is good.

Except one thing is missing. Pete is now running a business and the business of business is to remain afloat (if you don’t know what trading insolvent means then keep reading), work within the rules and regulations, pay its taxes, provide the service that is advertised and keep records of all financial activities for tax, accounting and auditing purposes. Pete is also in a regulated industry so he will have a stack of things to keep on top of with regard to the local aviation regulations. If he want’s real contracts and decent ongoing work, he will need these things.

As you begin your RPA or drone licence pathway, have you also thought about what it takes to run your business?

A Western Australian training provider in sunny Perth has taken a more holistic approach to UAV and drone pilot training with ‘business training’ as part of their curriculum. Global Drone Solutions was started by former UK businessman Mahmood Hussein who has a monster business background in business change management, CEO roles with machinery and engineering companies and is engaged to this day as a business and turnaround consultant.

Some time back, after providing strategic consulting to a company operating UAV’s he sensed the opportunity in the UAV sector and since business execution is his specialty, well, he built a business.

Will a drone job be the next big thing?Global Drone Solutions will teach you how to set up and run a small business for yourself as part of the necessary RPAS theory and flight training curriculum. And further, Mahmood draws upon his extensive heavy industry and mining relationships to help the new drone pilot find positions if possible.

It just makes sense to train and develop people in a holistic way as the world moves further towards self-employed contractors and one-person businesses. Having a basic understanding of how a business needs to work, whether you are a sole trader or a company, can ease the transition and improve the chance of business success. Being available for ongoing business support as Mahmood and Global Drone Solutions is, helps build lasting relationships with their UAV students and develops sound competent operators.

If you are in or around Perth or Western Australia and have an itch for becoming a licenced drone pilot, then give Global Drone a call and have a chat because business as a drone pilot can be very good.

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