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Successfully develop relationships in export markets

Successfully develop relationships in export markets

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Mahmood Hussein was raised in Yorkshire, but is now CEO Global Drone Solutions in Perth, Australia. His perspective on overseas success is slightly different.

“The most difficult thing is that belief in yourself and your product, combined with the fear of the unknown.” But you can mitigate this, he says: “Research the market and potential partners and clients. Don’t sign distribution and partnership contracts until results have been delivered, many companies promise the earth and don’t deliver.

Export markets

Hussein adds that he would suggest a six-month flexible agreement linked to KPIs to be achieved, before signing an annual agreement or partnership.

“Plan for flexible travel with plan A, B and C in place. Plan to spend more time in the market, at least once every six months. This is an area where many entrepreneurs get caught short, as they only plan on being in the market once a year or even 18 months – they find their products don’t get traction in the market and then have to allocate more resources to fix the issue.”


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