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The Use of Drones in Tourism Marketing

Tourism Marketing has long been dominated by glossy stills of gorgeous vistas and stunning landscapes. However, the landscape of this niche is quickly changing with the introduction of affordable drones.

Where aerial videography was once an expensive endeavour reserved mainly for helicopters and hot air balloons, it has now become a relatively inexpensive pastime that’s enjoyed by many amateurs and professionals alike. The availability of this medium has helped to set a new standard for tourism marketing.

The Popularity of Travel Videos

Travel videos tend to attract more people than still photographs and text. Aerial videos of exotic locations provide a unique perspective of the world that can be very enticing to those looking to book a flight, cruise, or hotel room. Even when browsing travel videos simply for pleasure, consumers tend to become more interested in seeing a new place, so those in the travel industry can naturally benefit from linking their names to a beautiful video.

Adventure Sports Videos Afford Perspective

Adventure sports often go hand in hand with travel and drones provide opportunity for marketing in this avenue as well. There is nothing quite like watching a person zipline down a mountain or kayak over a waterfall. Whether companies are actually selling zipline tours or simply trying to entice tourists to visit a hotel that’s nearby, using these exciting videos as a marketing tool can drum up enthusiasm and lead to sales.

New Opportunities for Drone Pilots

With the increased demand for aerial videos fuelled by tourism marketing, drone enthusiasts now have exciting new career opportunities available. By learning how to navigate drones over landscapes and position drones to take the best video footage, professional drone pilots may open themselves up for desirable careers that can send them to those enticing locales to film. Even amateurs that choose to shoot footage of beautiful places may find their videos sought-after.

Could It Be a Marketing Fad?

Some travel marketing agencies have encouraged companies to jump on aerial videography as a marketing tool “while it’s still hot” implying that it may just be a passing fad. Marketing fads do come and go, but the consumer penchant for a good travel video may be something that helps to solidify the value of this particular advertising medium even into the future.

After all, what better way is there to vicariously experience a location to which you hope to travel?

Amanda Shaffer is a freelance blogger and outreach specialist.
She enjoys slow-paced travel to the distant corners of the galaxy, always bringing along her trusty pooch, Bond. Amanda enjoys snapping super-professional photos with her phone or – when she’s lucky – exploring with a friend’s drone for a birds-eye-view of new adventures.

You can find Amanda on LinkedIn

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