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Alliance to benefit protective security industry

Alliance will enable security personal to use drones for improved services
Ares Concepts provides a ranges of training courses in the protective security industry

In exciting news for the protective security industry, Global Drone Solutions has formed an alliance with Ares Concepts.

Ares Concepts offers a range of international training courses for high risk security operations.  These courses are targeted at improving individual and crowd security in a range of circumstances such as public order management, protective security operations, protective driving, pre deployment and search and rescue missions

The alliance will enable security personnel to be fully trained and CASA certified professional drone pilots and allow them to utilise drones to improve private and public security.

Fully certified RPA (Remotely piloted aircraft) pilots working in the protective security industry will have the capability to provide:

ISTAR – Intelligence Surveillance Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance.

Information analysis and intelligence   Gathering of information and analysis can be electronically secured and stored capturing invaluable intelligence for future reference, evidence and audit. Remote data transmission to the client for QC/QA. Product summaries can be produced to validate the intelligence and veracity of data collected. 

Surveillance and reconnaissance   With the integration of thermal, laser and optical technology live video feedback can support surveillance and reconnaissance operations. Advance reconnaissance of the area of operation can identify environmental risks, geographical positioning, terrain, community impact and threat elements.

Tactical investigations   Real time imagery enables informed decisions to be made simultaneously and communicated directly with appropriate and timely deployment and use of resources maximising the safety and security of assets

Vulnerability assessments   Compromise of assets, criminal activity and hazards can be surveyed and observed in real time and imagery captured for evaluation, assessment and response.

Search and rescue   Minimising the deployment of assets required to conduct a search and rescue mission and significantly increasing area coverage and conversely reducing the time taken to locate and confirm the asset at risk.

Life support   Life support is significantly enhanced as hazardous conditions, darkness, extreme heat and a host of other conditions may be countered and the impact reduced.

Tactical delivery of payload   Upon determining proof of life or threat elements, delivery of medical supplies, communications, sustenance or deployment of ground elements can be executed.

Ground support   As a force multiplier, support is enhanced to ground elements, thus reducing deployment and time lost in expedite of mission critical objectives.

Corporate social responsibility   Can be significantly enhanced with a reduced carbon footprint, impact upon communities and the environment, addressing UN guiding principles on business and international humanitarian law. 

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