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Accredited High School Drone Training

Global Drone Solutions’ High School Drone Training is delivered in partnership with South Metro TAFE (Provider No 52787). Students who successfully complete the AVI30419 Certificate III in Aviation (Remote Pilot) are also eligible to apply for their Commercial Drone Licence (RePL). 

This enables Australia’s youth to get a head start on an industry that’s only getting bigger and bigger, pushing their present understanding of the Drone industry and what opportunities await them to a whole new level.

All of our fully licenced and qualified Drone trainers have been 100% approved by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA).

Some of the opportunities the AVI30419 Certificate III in Aviation (Remote Pilot) opens up are…

Drones Agriculture


Multi spectral imaging, plant health monitoring, pest & weed control, precision spraying operations, crop type and species identification, yield monitoring, livestock mustering, feral animal monitoring, livestock counts & monitoring, salinity encroachment.

Drones Photography


Wedding photography, proposals, engagements, birthdays parties, anniversaries, special occasions, world record attempts, reunions, family get-togethers, jamborees, school balls.

Drones Mining


Stockpile measurement, 3D scanning & modelling, multi spectral imaging, rehabilitation surveys, digital terrain mapping, aerial photogrammetry, digital terrain models, digital elevation models.


Asset Inspections

Inspection of power lines & poles, phone towers, wind turbines, plant & equipment, building and roof, conveyors, slope stability monitoring, chimneys, dam walls, bridges, offshore rigs and solar farms.

Drones Construction

Building & Construction

Surveying, asset inspection & verification, project planning, liability assessment, 3D scanning and mapping, creation of 3D models, digital terrain mapping, sub divisions, project management, construction project reporting, arbitration.

Drones Live Media

Live Media

Journalism, news gathering, advertising agencies, digital agencies, television commercials, time-lapse weather, marketing and promotion, music festivals, music concerts, music videos, celebrity appearances, light shows.

Drones Logistics


Parcel delivery, medical supplies, prescription medicine, groceries, mail, farm direct produce, take-away meals, 24 hour convenience stores, beverages, pizzas and other fast food.

Drones Medical

Emergency Services

Searching for missing people, shark detection, drone ambulances, delivery of first aid, delivery of floatation devices to prevent drownings, thermo sensing for avalanche victims, search for life after natural disasters, assessing hazmat material at fire scenes, detecting arsonists.

Want to see GDS delivering the AVI30419 – Certificate III in Aviation (Remote Pilot) at your school?

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