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Drone schools in full flight

Drone schools in full flight




With a number of WA’s biggest businesses relying on unmanned drones to reduce surveying and inspection costs, new schools are teaching drone pilots how to fly.  The sharp uptake of remotely controlled drone technology is creating a niche industry in Western Australia, with new local businesses training pilots for a growing number of commercial licences.

drone schools in full flight
Drone schools in full flight – Global Drone Solutions


Global Drone Solutions is the brainchild of Mahmood Hussein, a former turnaround specialist, who has set up his business and training school in Applecross.





Mr Hussein said the biggest uptake of drone technology was in the agriculture, construction, and mining sectors, including offshore oil and gas, where shutdowns to inspect safety flares could be expensive and required significant inputs of time and labour.  


There were many other, less industrial, uses for drones, Mr Hussein said, such as for wedding photography.  “The applications are only limited by our imagination; every day you’re seeing new applications introduced,” Mr Hussein said.


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