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Which Drone Course Is Best?

The drone industry has skyrocketed in popularity. Not only are hobbyist groups expanding, but drone careers are growing at an exponential rate. It’s no wonder everyone and their dog is interested in drone courses, but which courses suit them best?

Everyone who plans on making money from their drone will need to have a drone Remote Pilot’s Licence, also called a RePL.

Why Do I Need a Drone Flying Licence?

Put simply, a licence ensures that you, as a drone pilot, know exactly how to safely operate your drone and drastically reduce the harm you can cause to yourself or others with your equipment.

It could sound a bit extreme, but we cannot emphasis enough the importance of following the rules. There are rules you need to be aware of in drone flying to minimise damage when things don’t go to plan. By gaining your drone pilots licence, you will have the knowledge you need to be a responsible, conscientious, and safe drone pilot.

Here are some of the rules you need to know:

  • Only operate one drone at a time
  • Only fly during the day
  • Ensure you can always see your drone
  • Do not fly any higher than 120m
  • Do not fly closer than 30m to members of the public not involved in your activities
  • Do not fly in prohibited or restricted airspaces

If you intend to use your drone commercially it is a legal requirement that you obtain your drone pilot’s licence. Global drone Solutions is a CASA approved drone pilot training organisation, delivering courses all across Australia.

How Much Does a Drone Training Course Cost?

How long is a piece of string?

You can find cheap drone flying courses for a couple hundred dollars, but is it the price that you should be looking at first? It’s critical you consider the quality of training you receive and whether it’s run by a CASA approved educator.

Global Drone Solutions employ some of the best experts in the drone industry to ensure that you’re getting the very best drone flying education, that you’ll receive a pilot’s licence, and to help by providing you with a network of experts in the industry who can help you long after your course with us has finished.

Is Global Drone Solutions Drone Flying Course the Best?

Well, we think so! We provide in person courses for complete beginners, advanced pilots, and online drone courses for those who want to expand their flying skills. We want you to have access to the latest industry information, regulations, skills, and equipment.

We strongly believe that our present and past clients are the best people to tell you about our courses and the experiences they had.

Check out some of our 250 plus 5 Star Google Reviews online. Simply Google ‘Global Drone Solutions’ or read the reviews below.

Sample Reviews:

Drone Course Client Review        5 Star Client Review Drone Courses

Global Drone Solutions is Australia’s number one drone training provider. If you’re ready to start our CASA-approved training and begin your career as a skilled drone pilot, call us on 1300 437 663 or send our expert team a message at info@gdronesolutions.com or our contact page.

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