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Course Dates 2018

11 -15 Jun 25 -29 Jun
09 – 13 Jul KALGOORLIE
30 Jul – 3 Aug 23 – 27 Jul
27 – 31 Aug
17 – 21 Sep
15 – 19 Oct
12 – 16 Nov
03 – 07 Dec

Industry leading certification

Global Drone Solutions provides industry-leading CASA certification for professional drone pilots, rating endorsements, and industry-specific specialty workshops.

Business-oriented training

With over 40 years of top level business experience, Global Drone Solutions provides you with the behind-the-scenes business knowledge to launch your own drone business today.

What training do YOU need?

We provide a range of certified pilot training courses to get you airborne quickly.

Remote Pilots Licence - In-Person

Course Dates

11 -15 Jun 25 -29 Jun
09 – 13 Jul KALGOORLIE
30 Jul – 3 Aug 23 – 27 Jul
27 – 31 Aug
17 – 21 Sep
15 – 19 Oct
12 – 16 Nov
03 – 07 Dec

Remote Pilots Licence - Online



We're running final beta testing for our online courses ... so they'll be ready for you very soon!

The new RePL online training course covers everything that is in our standard RePL In-Person courses, except you can complete your modules remotely - giving you the flexibility to work this qualification into your lifestyle.

Attendance in-person at the practical modules (on a weekend) is required to finalise your qualification.





Have a new drone ?

Be instructed by our qualified and experienced drone pilots on how to safely fly and observe the rules & reguations surroudnign drones - presented as a 2 hour one-to-one personal instruction session.



Be confident that you are receiving industry-leading CASA certification, delivered by highly experienced and qualified trainers.


Professional, approachable and friendly trainers who deliver the training material in an engaging and fun way.


Targeted, specific and industry-led training content ensures your knowledge is current and relevant - offering the greatest opportunities once qualified.


Use your CASA certification anywhere across the country - create emerging sectors where there are none, or go to the busiest locations and make your mark.


Photography and videography | Surveying and mapping

What workshops are you after ?

We provide a range of industry-related specialty workshops to boost your skills.

Photography & Videography


New workshop to improve your aerial photography and videography skills.
Covering drone camera setup, composition and framing, prinicples of professional imagery, capturing panoramas and HDR, post-processing.

Presented by a professional videographer and drone pilot.

Surveying & Mapping

New workshop
to upskill your surveying and mapping capabilities.


Covering mapping, photogrammetry, RTK, PPK, GPS, flight safety, planning and flying, surveying, and post-processing.

Presented by a specialist surveying/mapping drone pilot.

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