Foundations of Aerial Surveying & Mapping

This 2-day workshop on aerial Surveying and Mapping provides the skills to value-add your offerings to clients across a broad range of industry sectors, and enables you to provide the right solutions to your clients' requirements.



Foundations of Surveying and Mapping

Surveying & Mapping for Drones – Workshop outline
Duration: 2 Days

1. Mapping foundations
2. Photogrammetry
3. Real Time Kinematic (RTK)
4. Post Processed Kinematic (PPK)
5. Normal GPS
6.  Flight Safety
7. Flight Planning
8. Surveying foundations
9. Flying – equipment, camera settings, calibration
10. Processing – overview of Pix4D, Agisoft, and Propeller.

Our mapping and surveying workshop equips you with the necessary skills to produce solutions for your clients’ requirements.