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Building a Career as a Drone Pilot

Flying a drone is an exciting, captivating and intriguing activity that has grown in popularity worldwide. But new questions are now being asked, how profitable can flying a drone be as a career? As drones in the commercial sector find new applications weekly, many industries are actively seeking drone operators (known as Remote Pilots) for an array of increasingly expanding tasks. As with any career path, it begins with professional training. When starting a career, the training provider you choose will inevitably set the tone for your entire career – so choose a trusted and approved provider such as Global Drone Solutions. In this blog, our team aims to provide a clear path to success in generating a career as a Remote Pilot.

How to Build a Remote Pilot Career?

Purchasing a Drone

First and foremost, it is recommended that you purchase a drone. Purchasing a drone can be a difficult decision with so many options, sizes and costs. Do your research and some forward planning – what will you be expecting out of your drone. Most importantly, research features and available reviews. As always, if you are struggling to choose a suitable drone ahead of starting a drone pilot course with Global Drone Solutions – feel free to ask our team.

Remote Pilot Training

Choosing a reputable drone course training provider will act as a crucial and influential part of becoming a Remote Pilot. This essentially sets the tone for your entire career and lays the foundations for your drone operation skills and knowledge of the industry. Global Drone Solutions have become one of Perth’s No.1 drone training providers and our Testimonials speak for themselves. Along with professional training from experts in this field, our students receive extra benefits as part of their course including a FREE Drone Business Start-Up Kit, a FREE Guide to Starting a Drone Pilot Business and so much more.

Whether you are just beginning your career or developing your hobby into a commercial trade – we have an option perfect for you. From Beginner Drone Courses to Advanced Drone Courses and everything in between. View our Remote Drone Courses.

Drone Insurance

You will need to acquire before offering your professional services – insurance! Australia has a wide range of insurance providers for drones. When choosing an insurance provider and insurance plan, please consider your drone operation activities and consider the best option for you. As always, explore every option to find the best quote for your requirements.

Choose a Niche, Build a Portfolio & Network

When launching your drone career, choosing a niche to develop your skills in, and becoming a specialist in that field will increase the demand for your services. When starting a drone career, it can be difficult to choose one industry. We encourage testing a range of industries to find the one to match to your skillset. Testing industries also presents a fantastic opportunity to build your portfolio across a range of environments with varying projects and opportunities. While testing various industries, network as much as possible and showcase your work and skills. This will inevitably place both your name and your work in the minds of potential clients as your career progresses.

How much do Remote Pilots earn?

Like any career, remote drone pilot salaries vary within each industry. We understand that salary expectations play a major role in many career changing decisions. Thus, in order to give you a brief sense of what you could expect to earn, we have compiled a short list of salary expectations within just some of the wide range of industries that are currently seeking Remote Pilots. According to https://au.indeed.com/, Remote Pilots can expect to make $66,418 per year on average.

Within the photography application, freelancers can expect to make up to $250 per session (90 minutes). Professional filmmaking rates range between $200 and $400 per hour, depending on location and particular jobs.

Ready to get started?

Book your Remote Drone Course today and enter the exciting Remote Drone Industry with Global Drone Solutions.


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