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Changing Career – Remote Drone Pilot

Looking for a job as a remote drone pilot? You have come to the right place. A career in drone aviation unleashes an abundance of job prospects. From marketing-based promotions to safety driven operations, remote drone flying has become a highly demanded profession within a range of industries across Australia. In this blog, we will introduce at a high level, just some of the industries that are in search of licenced remote drone pilot operators and why these industries are seeking qualified drone pilots.

Drone footage at a basic level offers industries ways to view their operations from an overview perspective. Along with this, drone footage allows the view of potentially dangerous situations from the safety of a distant location. Between safety operations and marketing capabilities alone, drone use has soared in popularity.

Career Opportunities | Remote Drone Pilots

Agriculture | Drone Usage

Broad acre farming operations are using remote drone pilots to help monitor and maintain crops as well as identifying issues on their land. Drone footage provides mapping opportunities, when used in conjunction with specific software designed to identify areas and crop mixture, enables the identification of crop catchments that require more attention than others and process these findings into a map for the farmer.

This reduces the need to physically walk through each field identifying poorly performing areas. Precision agriculture is set to grow in demand as farms begin to extend their land and harvest more yields with the help of this new time saving technology.

Real Estate | Drone Marketing

Within the Real Estate industry, the use of drone footage has sent property marketing sky high, quite literally. People now seek overview and fly-by scenes of real estate and property agents are now catering for changing consumer demands. Property promotion videos have become a staple for significant properties that have a lot to offer from their exterior perspective. Capturing this content is relatively easy and can result in substantial financial rewards for very little time onsite.

Another influential trend that has taken over the property world of late is virtual viewings. Consumers now demand a virtual viewing where possible as it offers a convenient way to safely view properties from their current residence. Drone footage is being used to set the outside scene for these properties in an all-inclusive way.

Filmmaking | Remote Drone Aviation

Have you noticed more and more sweeping aerial shots in your movies, sporting events, production and television shows? Shots that cannot be captured, even with the highest definition camera, are now being captured with ease. The need for expensive helicopters to capture these shots is rapidly declining and the perfect replacement is being utilised – a remote drone.

If television, sporting events, movies and production is your calling, operating a drone will inevitably place you in a promising position for freelancing work within the Broadcasting Industry.

These are just three industries that are calling out for licenced drone operators to enhance their operations. Stay tuned to our blog page where we will further explore other industries and the opportunities they now offer qualified remote drone operators.

Begin your career change now by booking your remote drone pilot course with Global Drone Solutions.

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