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Drone Media – A Soaring Industry

By now almost every household across Australia has heard the term “Drone”. It’s no surprise that drones have been taking the photography and videography world by storm over the last 5 years. Drone footage offers a unique viewpoint, one that isn’t easily found in our day-to-day lives. This has created a huge demand for this form of media, not only in industries such as Agriculture and Mining to increase safety and efficiency, but also to capture engaging media and content to spread across social channels. It’s easy to say let’s drone this and let’s drone that, but what exactly is the direct connection between drone flying as a hobby and drone flying as a career?

Drone Media

The distinct difference between normal photography and capturing drone footage is clear. The angles, the viewpoints, the freedom and the possible air explorations of flying a drone offers an array of options.

Why this matters?

People are always searching for new ways to do, see and explore things. Drones offer these and much more! Through movie productions, social media and on live TV we experience the amazingly invigorating views a drone can offer. However, few consider this a career opportunity let alone a hobby. Operating a drone professionally requires training by Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) certified businesses, such as the team at Global Drone Solutions. Upon completing a certified drone training course such as our Beginner Course (BeC), flying a drone becomes an art – an opportunity to see and capture things uniquely and safely.

Remote Pilot Licence

As mentioned, drone usage is soaring both in terms of recreational use as well as commercial applications. We have seen people change their career path, shifting from construction, mining, fishing and many other industries in order to become a professional drone pilot.

Why? Our Drone Pilot Courses offer a range of achievable qualifications that give you a licence to carefully operate drones according to CASA regulations. We also offer each candidate tips and tricks on how to operate and run their own drone business.

Advanced Drone Operators

Gaining your Remote Pilot Licence + Aeronautical Radio Operator Certificate + Remote Operators Certificate all in one course with Global Drone Solutions places you in a unique and powerful position as a professional drone pilot when operating your own drone business. Showcasing your drone business with a reel has never been easier through the power of online sharing. People who commonly take the Beginners Course often realise their hobby can be easily converted into a high paying career and seek a more complex and specialised course with Global Drone Solutions.

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