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Drone Technology – Mining Industry

Drone Technology has continued to diversify the way businesses operate on a daily basis. An array of industries have utilised this technology with the objective of improving productivity, safety and efficiency as well as enhancing their operations. As one of Australia’s largest industries, the Mining Industry has also recognised these benefits.

Mining Activities – Drone Technology

Drone technology has acted as an influential and supportive tool to many activities within the mining industry. The demand for drone operators continues to increase year-on-year. Within this blog we are going to discuss the current mining activities in which drone technology has been playing an increasingly vital role over the past few years. Drone Technology has been supporting explorations, mapping and surveying as well as maintaining safety and enhancing security. Acknowledging the safety measures required when operating within this industry, it has come as no surprise that drone technology usage has grown in demand. Unmanned aerial vehicles enable a comprehensive investigation to be performed while ensuring the safety of staff – which is key within this industry.

Mapping & Surveying

Drone Technology not only increases the land-based viewable options, it also increases the productivity of surveillance activity. By employing drone operators to capture aerial content, rather than piloted aircraft, mining companies can reduce their cost per hour by up to 90% – an incredible reduction. Not only do drones capture unlimited content, but they are also easily controlled enabling specific investigations to occur when required in hard to reach locations.

Mining Inspections

The mining industry is exposed to significant risks by virtue of their operations. This industry has been exploiting drone technology to carry out lengthy inspections that before would have been allocated minimal time due to the risks placed on workers – including exposure to dust, rocks and gas leaks. By utilising drone technology, mining companies have been conducting lengthy machine and site inspections in underground mines – monitoring activity and collecting valuable data. This can now occur all the while protecting workers from afar through high quality remote drones operated by remote drone pilots.

Stockpile Management & Haulage Road Optimisation

Drone operations can also increase efficiency across a number of channels within this industry. In terms of stockpile management, drones are used to scale extreme heights across large portions of land in order to generate aerial terrain models of inventory – enabling mining companies to track stockpile movement with ease.

While also improving safety, increasing data intake and providing more affordable ways to operate, drone technology is also used to increase the efficiency of many departments including haulage logistics. Road conditions are regularly monitored to ensure safe haulage transit. By utilising drone technology, companies have been increasing their point of view and ensuring the safety and route of their loads ahead of departure. The data collected can also be exploited for future designing, planning and construction requirements.

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