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The drone industry is exploding onto the scene 2020 Summit

The drone industry is exploding onto the scene! How do you mould rules and regulations around such an uncharted and rapidly developing sector? You might notice a ‘No Drones’ announcement at a major sporting event, or at a public park. Did you know that when flying your drone recreationally, you’re not allowed to fly higher than 120 metres? Or that when flying your drone, it must stay in your line of sight and at least 30 metres away from other people? The worry is often privacy and policing. A flying camera can feel intrusive, and when it does, who do you contact? Craig Peterson, joining us from the Civil Aviation Safety Authority, and Michael Nas, Principal Associate at Bennett + Co Corporate & Commercial Law, will take you through what you can and can’t do, the current regulations and approvals surrounding the industry, as well as privacy and surveillance issues. If you work for a local council, a law firm or are involved with government, you’ll find yourself dealing with more and more situations involving drones. Come down and learn with us! We’re onto our final registrations, get in while you can!

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